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Our success is a product of our reputation with clients.

We gained our reputation by taking on some of the world’s largest corporations and winning.  Our track record is a product of being selective about what cases we choose to work on and the clients we chose to represent. Our Santa Monica lawyers second to none, and that’s why the we’re considered the go-to law firm in Santa Monica.

Our two specialties, Personal Injury and Lemon Law, allow us to fight on behalf of the underdogs of the community, and we love a good fight.

Sina Rez Law serves clients throughout California, with the large majority of our clients residing in the extended Los Angles Orange County areas.   

Our number one source of new clients is word-of-mouth, and we believe it is our attention to our clients and their issues that has led to our success in the industry.


Despite the demand, we simply cannot take on every case that’s presented to us.  Our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers and Lemon Law lawyers focus their attention on the clients that can benefit the most from our representation.  That occasionally means we have to refer potential clients to other law firms to keep our caseload “light.”  While we hate to turn business away, we understand that our time is limited, and good results take time.

By focusing on high quality cases, defendants know we mean business when our they see our letterhead on their desk. 


The majority of complaints from our competitors clients is that they never get to speak to their actual attorney.  We can’t blame them for being upset.  At Sina Rez Law, our Santa Monica attorneys devote an unrivaled percentage of their time to communicating with our clients.  This is only possible because our attorneys are not overloaded with cases.  Unfortunately, this means we sometimes have to turn down a case to maintain the highest quality of legal service and client satisfaction.

Speak with an attorney today before your rights expire.

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Speak with a top-rated Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyer or Lemon Law lawyer today to understand your rights before they expire. Time is of the essence.

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