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Chevy Bolt Refund

Chevy Bolt Refund. Qualifying Chevy Bolt Drivers Eligible for Refund. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the major, widespread, and serious recall issued on the Chevy Bolt for its defective high voltage battery. GM, thankfully, is taking full responsibility for this fire storm. What they are not telling everyone, however, is that many (if not all) Chevy Bolt owners and lessees may be eligible for a refund of their payments under CA’s Lemon Law. Continue reading to find out the 5 things you must know about your potential Chevy Bolt refund.  What is a Lemon? ...
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Ultimate Guide to Personal Injury

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Injury. In an effort to simplify the Personal Injury process, we’ve created an “Ultimate Guide”. Being injured in an accident can be an incredibly stressful process. Unfortunately, the same can be said for hiring a lawyer and enduring the Personal Injury claim process. To make the process a little smoother, we have created this guide to educate our clients and the general population of the ins and outs of Personal Injury.  Bicycle Accidents Bird Scooter Accidents Car Accidents Dog Bites Lime Scooter Accidents Lyft Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Rare Accidents Slip and Fall Truck Accidents Uber ...
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Range Rover Lemon Law Lawyer

Range Rover Lemon Law Lawyer. Range Rovers are frequently Lemons. As the top rated Range Rover Lemon Law lawyers in Santa Monica, it’s our job to push Jaguar Land Rover (the parent company), to repurchase your defective SUV, whether its a full sized Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar or Evoque. We do this by discussing the issues you’ve experienced, closely reviewing your service records, and aggressively advocating for you in our negotiations with Jaguar Land Rover. And most importantly, we keep you informed throughout the process. Please do not try and take on the manufacturer on your own. California’s Lemon ...
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