Chevy Bolt Drivers Eligible for Refund

Bolts have been recalled due to a fire risk. Make your claim now to make Chevy buy back your car & refund you!

The Recalls &
Lemon Law.

Chevy Bolts Recalled

Recalls based on fire risk while charging.

Perform the Safety Recall

Performing the safety recall is essential to avoid risk of fire.

Chevy must buy your car back.

If you qualify, Chevy must give a refund based on your state's Lemon Law.

Pay $0.00 in attorney's fees.

If you qualify, Chevy must pay for your attorney. It's the law!

Leases & purchases qualify.

Get a buyback even if you leased your vehicle.

Highest success rate.

Our proven track record with car makers
increases the likelihood of you winning.

No fees if you have a Lemon.


There is no fine print. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Fair?

free buyback evaluation

Get a no-obligation consultation with attorney Sina Rezvanpour, Esq.

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