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The Business Vehicle Loophole Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Who doesn’t love a good loophole every now and then? Especially if you’re eligible and there’s the possibility for your business to save you big bucks. This loophole is for all of our business owners out there who own business vehicles.

California’s lemon law is more formally known as the Tanner Consumer Protection Act. More specifically, the law protects consumers when an authorized dealership/service department can’t service or repair “new” vehicle after a “reasonable” number of attempts. Often, we’re able to force the manufacturer to repurchase our client’s car, and repay them nearly all of their money. Some of our clients have recovered in excess of $100,000, and didn’t pay us a penny in legal fee. How’s that? The Tanner Consumer Protection Act allows for lemon law clients to recover their attorneys’ fees directly from the manufacturer.


Which Car Brand Makes the Most Lemons?

At Sina Rez Law, the question we get asked most often is “which car brand makes the most Lemons?” You can imagine that no car manufacturer wants to hold the title for “most lemons,” so the official answer is likely a well-kept secret. However, as experienced Santa Monica lemon law attorneys, we can share our insight on what cases come through our doors the most often.

Please keep in mind that cars have never been as technologically advanced as they are today. Compare the standard equipment included in most of today’s cars (Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, backup cameras, side curtain airbags) with those of the early 2000’s, and the difference is night-and-day. All of the manufacturers mentioned below make great cars. But if you consider the sheer number of cars each of them makes, it only makes sense that a small percentage of them will be defective from the factory. Despite multiple attempts by authorized service centers to repair the defects, sometimes there just isn’t a fix. That’s when an experienced lemon law attorney, like those at Sina Rez Law, can force the manufacturer to repurchase the car, pay you back your money, and pay your attorney’s fees.


Are You Leasing A Lemon? Tips from Santa Monica’s Top-Rated Lemon Lawyer

If you’re leasing your vehicle, chances are it’s covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty. If you’re lucky, the services are free (although this is becoming less and less common). But what happens if your car starts spending more and more time in service? Well, it’s entirely possible that you are driving a proverbial “Lemon” and are owed thousands (and thousands!) of dollars. You may be leasing a lemon.

Many consumers wonder whether California’s Lemon Law applies to leased vehicles, and the answer is yes. California’s Lemon Law actually makes no substantive distinction between leased and purchased vehicles, which is great because statistics show that more and more consumers choose to lease their vehicles rather than buy.

BMW Lemon Law

BMW Lemon Law Claim Results in $75,000+ Win for Beverly Hills Resident

We are very proud to announce that after several months of fighting for our client, Sina Rez Law succeeded in recovering over $75,000 for our client, a local resident of Beverly Hills, CA.

Our client paid an exorbitant amount of money for a 2013 BMW M5. Unfortunately for our client, he did not get an “ultimate driving machine” in return. Instead, his car spent much of its time at the dealership under repair rather than on the road. The vehicle’s service history was quite extensive and was reviewed by members of BMW’s upper management.

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