Do I pay a Lemon Law lawyer?

The manufacturer pays our fees if you have a Lemon.

Our favorite question to answer is, “Do I pay a Lemon Law lawyer?” In most you cases you don’t have to pay us a penny. 

California’s Lemon Law statute enables a Lemon vehicle owner or lessee to force the manufacturer to pay his or her attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to a California Lemon Law buyback. 

The only situation in which we ever take payment from a client is if the client chooses to accept a cash settlement rather than force the manufacturer to repurchase their car. This is because if a client accepts a cash settlement, the manufacturer is not required to pay our fee. Therefore, clients that prefer to accept a cash settlement and continue ownership of their car will pay our firm a reasonable percentage of their cash settlement. On average, less than 15% of our clients choose to accept a cash settlement. 

Thanks to California’s Lemon Law, you get free access to a Lemon Law lawyer if your car is a Lemon. 

Contact our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers to discuss the details of your potential case. 


Our reputation.

Reputation matters.  At Sina Rez Law, our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers have established a highly regarded reputation with all the major car manufacturers. Manufacturers consider a Lemon Law attorney’s reputation as part of their analysis of a claim. They know we won’t back down when many other less experienced attorneys will. This increases the chances of your claim being approved. 

Trophy Illustration - Our Reputation - Santa Monica Personal Injury and Lemon Law Lawyers

Get your money.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys successfully convince the manufacturer that your vehicle qualifies under California’s Lemon Law, we will force the manufacturer to repurchase your car. That means you get nearly all of your money back, minus a deduction for the amount of miles your vehicle was trouble-free. 

No charge.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys are successful in forcing the manufacturer to repurchase your car under California’s Lemon Law, the law says the manufacturer must pay our attorney’s fees and costs. This allows us to represent many people who would otherwise not be able to afford a Lemon Law lawyer. 

Speak with an attorney today before your rights expire.

Free case evaluation.

Speak with a top-rated Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyer today to understand your rights before they expire. Time is of the essence.

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