How California’s Lemon Law Applies to Used Cars

How California’s Lemon Law Applies to Used Cars

How California’s Lemon Law Applies to Used Cars.

Used car owners have rights according to CA's Lemon Law.

If you’ve bought a used car that’s still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty – or even an extended warranty – your investment could be protected under California’s Used Car Lemon Law.

By working with a Santa Monica Lemon Law attorney, you could legally force the manufacturer or the person who sold you the car to return your money, cover costs for repairs and rentals – and your legal fees.

California Used Car Lemon Law at a Glance.

According to California law, your used car should be covered by Lemon Law protection if:

  • There’s still coverage under the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • There’s an active extended warranty
  • A warranty was issued by the dealership that sold you the car.

Keep in mind, though, that before taking legal action against the manufacturer or dealership, they have a bit of leeway to try to fix the car.

Here are the guidelines and timelines for manufacturers to make things good with your car.

  • 2 or more attempts to repair a serious safety issue, like transmission failure.
  • 4 or more attempts to repair an issue that’s not thought to risk safety, e.g. infotainment issues.
  • 30 days total in the shop for repairs (if your car remains in a repair shop for more than 30 days, you likely qualify for California’s Lemon Law).

How California Law Views Used Cars Sold “As Is”.

Even though many can run fine for a while after purchase, vehicles listed “as is” do not have warranty protection. In the scenario, the seller no longer has responsibility if you experience car trouble.

However, it is the responsibility of the seller to make it clear you are being sold a car “as is.”

To meet this threshold legally, the “as is” disclaimer must be displayed on the vehicle, and it must be accompanied with a buyer’s guide.

There should also be language that states the car’s performance and quality is the responsibility of the buyer, and that if any malfunctions appear after purchase, it’s up to the buyer (you) to fix them.

If You Think You May Have a Lemon on Your Hands, Call the Santa Monica Lemon Law Lawyers at Sina Rez Law.

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