How does a car qualify for lemon law in Santa Monica

How Does a Car Qualify for Lemon Law in Santa Monica?

How Does a Car Qualify for Lemon Law in Santa Monica?

California's Lemon Law lists 3 ways your car may qualify.

Few things can leave you in a tougher spot than car trouble. What are your options, though, if the car you recently bought or leased – either new or used – has a problem that seemingly cannot be fixed?

Thankfully, California’s Lemon Law gives you a layer of protection for purchasing a defective car or one that won’t run properly, even after multiple attempts.

Working with a Lemon Law attorney, you could be entitled to all (or nearly all) your money back, compensation for repair costs and rental charges and force the manufacturer to pick up your legal tab.

Continue below to find out the 3 ways your car may qualify under California’s Lemon Law.

Let's make Lemon Law simple.

In spite of the incredible craftsmanship involved in building a car or truck, it’s simply a matter of fact that some vehicles will roll off the assembly line with flaws. Because of our laws, though, you the consumer are not left out in the cold when your recently purchased or leased car won’t work.

However, not every trouble-plagued vehicle will qualify for Lemon Law protection.

Here are the 3 ways your car may qualify under Lemon Law in Santa Monica.

  1. 2 or more repair attempts for the same safety-related issue.
  2. 4 or more repairs attempts for the same non-safety-related issue.
  3. 30+ days spent in service, cumulatively.

If your car is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and one or more of the above apply, you should speak with a Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyer as soon as possible. 

More importantly, if your vehicle doesn’t quite qualify under one of the 3 scenarios above, be proactive: give us a call for a free consultation to make sure your rights are protected. 

Speak with an attorney today before your rights expire.

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Speak with a top-rated Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyer today to understand your rights before they expire. Time is of the essence.

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