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Mercedes Lemon Law Lawyer Sina Rezvanpour, Esq. has recovered millions for his Mercedes clients at no cost to them.


The Lemon Law.

Repeating or many problems

Vehicles with repeating or too many problems qualify.

Too many days in service.

Vehicles with too many days in service also qualify.

Mercedes must buy your car back.

If your vehicle qualifies, Mercedes must give a full refund from the time your issues started.

Pay $0.00 in attorney's fees.

If your vehicle qualifies, Mercedes must pay for your attorney. It's the law!

Leases & purchases qualify.

Get a buyback even if you leased your vehicle.

Highest success rate.

Our proven track record with car makers
increases the likelihood of you winning.

Some results.

We charged our clients $0.00 combined on these cases. We’re “legally” required to say these results aren’t typical. 

G Wagon Buyback
C63 Buyback
E Class Buyback
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Your vehicle may qualify under CA's Lemon Law.

Get a free, no obligation 1 on 1 session to find out your rights before they expire.

No fees if you have a Lemon.


There is no fine print. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Fair?

Julia A.
Julia A.
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Sina was fantastic!!! I was in a tough spot with a new Subaru that had been continuously breaking down. I honestly had no idea what to do. Sina was responsive, honest and didn't over promise expectations. But let me tell you... he EXCEEDED my expectations. The process was painless, he got me exactly what I wanted and quick! I was even able to get into the new car I was hoping for. Sina was wonderful to work with. I hope I don't have another lemon but I do hope I have the opportunity to work with Sina again. Thanks!!
Amir R.
Amir R.
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Lemon Law Lawyer? Sina has definitely cornered that market! all the 5 star reviews here are just. My case was a doozy and took a bit of time but after all, getting over $22,000 out of Jaguar for all the stupid problems my car had, could only be done by an Experienced attorney. Note the capital E! Sina's Patience, timely and accurate Communication, Professionalism, and Integrity are all a huge bonus and truly unmatched. I am glad that my buddy/cousin (Parham) referred Sina to me; I couldn't be happier with the result. Lemon law settlement is done and money received last week. Thank you Sina for the work you do.
Amir R.
Amir R.
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My transmission went out on more than one occasion on my A4. The dealer continued to tell me it was because of my driving habits, but this was definitely not true. I did A LOT of research on my own and feel confident that I have some rights in the situation. I met with a few different attorneys in the LA area, some bigger firms and some smaller ones. Ultimately I chose to go with Sina's team and I'm happy I did so. My deciding factor was communication. I never had to call to ask a question, I got regular updates and copies of everything I needed for my personal records. I'm happy with my experience and hopefully this is helpful for someone else who may be going through something similar.
Sep L.
Sep L.
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My Mercedes was in and out of service for most of the time I owned it. Since the repairs were always covered under warranty, I didn't pay anything and just accepted it as a high maintenance car. I saw one of this firm's ads on Instagram and it was the first time I heard about lemon law or lemon lawyers. I checked out their reviews and eventually met with Sina in his Santa Monica office to see if I had case. Well, it turns out I did. I gave him all my records, my contract with MB, my registration, etc. He sent off a letter explaining my situation, made a few phone calls with Mercedes and eventually convinced them to buy back my car. I actually got a considerable amount back (more than I expected). I spoke with another lemon law attorney before settling on Sina. I ultimately chose Sina because was he was really thorough and wasn't pushy. Give them a call!


A “Lemon” is a term most commonly used to describe a defective vehicle that is still covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. A Lemon typically has been in for service or repair with the dealership on multiple occasions, or on one or more prolonged occasions. The manufacturer, through its dealership(s), has made “reasonable repair attempts,” and still cannot fix the vehicle’s defect(s). 

If you leased or purchased a Lemon in California, you are entitled to:

  • Force the manufacturer to either (A) repurchase your car, after deducting the usage deduction from the car’s price (recommended); or (B) replace your car with a new one (not recommended). 
  • Force the manufacturer to reimburse all the incidental damages incurred. This includes things such as tow charges, rental charges, etc. This does not include things like insurance payments, etc.
  • Force the manufacturer pay a “civil penalty” if they purposefully violated California’s Lemon Law (rare).
  • Force the manufacturer to pay your lawyer’s fees and costs, so you don’t have to pay a penny. 

No. California’s Lemon Law allows a Lemon vehicle owner or lessee to force the manufacturer to pay their attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to a California Lemon Law buyback.

We take the burden of communicating with the manufacturer off of your hands. We confirm that they are paying you all amounts owed to you under California’s Lemon Law, and we’ll file a lawsuit if we think they are not playing fair. It’s nice to have someone who is experienced in the field fighting in your corner, especially for free!

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