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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica motorcycle accident lawyers at Sina Rez Law understand how devastating a motorcycle accident can be. Most of our motorcycle clients suffered two impacts: one with a vehicle and one with the pavement. Injuries can be severe and your road to recovery may take some time. Now, on top of all of that, you have to figure out how to negotiate with the insurance companies, get bike repaired or replaced, and squeeze in treatment to your already busy schedule. 

That’s why you need an experienced team of Personal Injury attorneys. We take on the insurance companies for you so you can stay focused on your recovery. You can rest easy knowing that the motorcycle accident lawyers at Sina Rez Law are in your corner. We will maximize the compensation you’re entitled to.

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The process.

The more you know about what to expect in your case, the more confident you can be that your case is being handled well. Our Santa Monica accident attorneys will give you an overview of the entire process at the onset of your case. 

Medical care.

Your health is everything. It’s important to get the best medical care immediately to ensure you make a full recovery. At Sina Rez Law, we believe what’s good for your health is what’s good for your case. Our Santa Monica motorcycle accident attorneys focus on getting you the treatment you need, regardless of whether you have health insurance.

Case value.

It is very difficult to accurately predict a potential case’s value at first glance. However, the motorcycle accident attorneys at Sina Rez Law believe that it’s important to empower our clients by informing them on what factors can positively or negatively affect their case’s value.


In most of our cases, we recover money from an insurance company rather than the individual or company that caused your injuries.  Our Santa Monica motorcycle accident attorneys will talk you through the importance of insurance, the amount of insurance coverage, and what to do if there is no insurance. 


It’s natural for you to want to know how long your case will take. That’s a tough question to answer at the onset of your case. However, our Santa Monica motorcycle accident lawyers will let you know the general timeline of your case, and what factors could speed up or slow down your case. Ultimately, it’s important to accept that the legal process moves slowly and good things come to those who wait. 

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