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Personal Injury Contingency Fees.

The industry standard in accident cases is to charge a Personal Injury contingency fee. As a result, Personal Injury clients are not charged until their case is over. This fee structure allows injured people who cannot afford to pay an attorney on an hourly basis to have access to an attorney. 

Attorneys’ fees in a Personal Injury case are a percentage of the total amount recovered. The recovery may be from a judgment at trial, an award at arbitration, or by an earlier settlement. Hence, a “contingency fee,” means the amount of the fee is contingent on the amount of the recovery. The Personal Injury contingency fee typically slides upwards if the cases progresses to certain critical points that require additional work, for example, filing a lawsuit or going to trial. 

At Sina Rez Law, our accident attorneys start every case on a 33.33% Personal Injury contingency fee. Then, depending on the stage of the case (for example, if the case proceeds to trial), this fee is likely to increase at a previously-agreed rate and in accordance with industry standards.

We front all of the costs associated with the case, and only get reimbursed if we successfully recover you money. An example of a cost is paying to receive a copy of a police report, hiring an investigator, or filing a lawsuit. 

Personal Injury contingency fees align the client’s and law firm’s best interests together. If we don’t succeed on behalf of our clients, we don’t get paid. While we certainly are focused on maximizing your financial recovery, we are equally focused on making sure you have access to the best medical care to make a full physical and emotional recovery as well. 

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