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Porsche SUV Crashes Into Bus Next To Protest In Santa Monica

Porsche SUV Crashes Into Bus Next To Protest In Santa Monica.

SUV Crashes Near Protests.

SANTA MONICA, CA — A Porsche SUV crashed into a bus next to a protest gathering in Santa Monica Wednesday backing up traffic near the 10 Freeway. The crash happened about 5 p.m. just a few feet from a planned protest outside Santa Monica Police Department at 333 Olympic Blvd., near 4th Street, in Santa Monica. Santa Monica police officers, firefighters and paramedics were blocking traffic while people honked at the group meeting up to protest. 

One bus rider, who declined to give her name, told Patch that she heard a large sound but wasn’t sure what had happened. “It came out of nowhere,” she told Patch. ” I was in the middle of the bus and it came from the back. I felt the bus move and I was like, ‘Wait, what happened?’ I wasn’t aware until we got off the bus” Paramedics were treating at least one person at the crash. It’s unclear how many others were injured. Traffic appeared to be backed up near the west and eastbound 10 Freeway near 4th Street during the crash.


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