Range Rover Lemon Law RR Sport

Range Rover Lemon Law Lawyer

Range Rover Lemon Law Lawyer.

Range Rovers are frequently Lemons.

As the top rated Range Rover Lemon Law lawyers in Santa Monica, it’s our job to push Jaguar Land Rover (the parent company), to repurchase your defective SUV, whether its a full sized Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar or Evoque. We do this by discussing the issues you’ve experienced, closely reviewing your service records, and aggressively advocating for you in our negotiations with Jaguar Land Rover. And most importantly, we keep you informed throughout the process. Please do not try and take on the manufacturer on your own. California’s Lemon Law allows us to recover our fees directly from the manufacturer.

If you’re driving a potential “Lemon,” call us for a free consultation. Our attorneys serve clients throughout all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

When is a Range Rover a Lemon?

A “Lemon” is a term most commonly used to describe a defective vehicle that is still covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. A Range Rover is a Lemon when it has been in for service or repair with the dealership on multiple occasions, or on one or more prolonged occasions. The manufacturer, through its dealership(s), has made “reasonable repair attempts,” and still cannot fix the vehicle’s defect(s). 

Although there is no set number for “reasonable repair attempts,” California’s Lemon Law has a “presumption,” or a set of guidelines, to determine when a “reasonable number” of repair attempts have been made.

The California Lemon Law covers the following new and used Range Rovers sold or leased in California that come with the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.

The California Lemon Law applies throughout the duration of the Range Rover’s manufacturer’s original warranty period.

What if my Range Rover is a Lemon?

If your Range Rover or Land Rover is a Lemon, contact the Range Rover Lemon Law lawyers at Sina Rez Law before it’s too late. We offer an absolutely free consultation and if we can prove your car is a Lemon, we will collect our fees directly from the manufacturer. This means we don’t have to charge you a penny. 

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