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As the top-rated Personal Injury lawyers in Santa Monica, it’s our job to help you get your life back in order after you’ve been involved in an accident. That means getting you the medical care that you need. Getting your car, truck or motorcycle repaired if you were in an auto accident. Getting you the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through. And most importantly, keeping you informed throughout the process. Please do not try and take on the insurance company on your own.

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Our specialties.

Your car.

Rentals, body shops, appraisals — it can get overwhelming very quickly after a car accident. Let our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers coordinate for you, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. You should know that after an accident, you are entitled to have your car repaired by the body shop of your choosing. In California, if the estimated cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds a certain threshold, you car will be considered a “total loss” and you will be paid the fair market value in your geographic area. 

Medical care.

Your health is everything. It’s important to get you the best medical treatment for your injury immediately to ensure you make a full recovery. At Sina Rez Law, our lawyers believe what’s good for your health is what’s good for your case. Our attorneys focus on getting you the treatment you need, regardless of whether you have health insurance. Our law firm’s reputation allows our clients to get top-tier medical care for their injuries from Santa Monica’s best doctors and facilities.

Injury compensation.

You have medical bills, time missed from work, and pain & suffering. All of these deserve compensation in your case, and our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers will get it for you. Remember, if you don’t win, neither do we.  You don’t pay our firm a penny in costs or fees unless our injury attorneys recover for you. Don’t fall for the insurance companies’ tricks. They will only offer you pennies on the dollar for you Personal Injury claim without an experienced firm behind you. Make sure to speak with an attorney for a free consultation before ever agreeing to anything with an insurance company after your accident.

Personal Injury process.

Every one of our Personal Injury cases starts with thorough discussion and intake with one of our attorneys and injury team. It’s important that we understand the facts underlying your injury, but also who you are, and how this Personal Injury case may affect you. Next, we send notifications to all necessary companies and agencies that you are represented by our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers. If there’s important evidence for your case that needs to be preserved, our attorneys make sure to take care of that as well. We make sure any of your personal property (including your car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) is either repaired, or that your compensated fairly for the damage. We ensure that you get the medical treatment you need for you injuries as soon as possible. We stay in touch with these doctors and facilities and eventually request and review your medical records. After your treatment progresses or ends, we’ll send off a “demand letter” to begin our settlement negotiations with the insurance companies. Most cases typically settle not long after negotiations begin, but some inevitably will result in a lawsuit. Keep in mind, you have the final say on whether you want our Santa Monica lawyers to file a lawsuit on your behalf for your injuries. Lawsuits typically result in higher settlements, but often come at a greater expense and time commitment.

Case timeline.

It’s very difficult for any Personal Injury attorney to accurately predict how long a case will take to resolve. Cases typically take a minimum of a few months to resolve, as we must wait for your treatment to complete and for all of your medical providers to send your medical records to our Personal Injury lawyers. Occasionally, there is the rare case that takes 2-3 years to resolve. One reason a case could take longer to resolve is if there are disputed issues of fact or liability in your case. Cases involving slip and falls are more often contested, and therefore typically don’t resolve without the filing of a lawsuit. Rear-end car accidents are an example of a typically more straightforward case that can resolve in a matter of months if things move very quickly. Our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers always remind our clients that it is nearly impossible to recover great value overnight. Insurance companies are big, bloated companies that have a series of approval tiers. Ultimately, good things come to those who wait, and it is best to approach this process with a great deal of patience. 

Attorney's fees.

The industry standard in accident cases is to charge a Personal Injury contingency fee. As a result, Personal Injury clients are not charged until their case is over. This fee structure allows injured people who cannot afford to pay an attorney on an hourly basis to have access to an attorney. Attorneys’ fees in a Personal Injury case are a percentage of the total amount recovered. The recovery may be from a judgment at trial, an award at arbitration, or by an earlier settlement. Hence, a “contingency fee,” means the amount of the fee is contingent on the amount of the recovery. The Personal Injury contingency fee typically slides upwards if the cases progresses to certain critical points that require additional work, for example, filing a lawsuit or going to trial. At Sina Rez Law, our accident attorneys start every case on a 33.33% Personal Injury contingency fee. We front all of the costs associated with the case, and only get reimbursed if we successfully recover you money. Personal Injury contingency fees align the client’s and law firm’s best interests together. If we don’t succeed on behalf of our clients, we don’t get paid. While we certainly are focused on maximizing your financial recovery, we are equally focused on making sure you have access to the best medical care to make a full physical and emotional recovery as well.

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