The Business Vehicle Loophole Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Who doesn’t love a good loophole every now and then? Especially if you’re eligible and there’s the possibility for your business to save you big bucks. This loophole is for all of our business owners out there who own business vehicles.

California’s lemon law is more formally known as the Tanner Consumer Protection Act. More specifically, the law protects consumers when an authorized dealership/service department can’t service or repair “new” vehicle after a “reasonable” number of attempts. Often, we’re able to force the manufacturer to repurchase our client’s car, and repay them nearly all of their money. Some of our clients have recovered in excess of $100,000, and didn’t pay us a penny in legal fee. How’s that? The Tanner Consumer Protection Act allows for lemon law clients to recover their attorneys’ fees directly from the manufacturer.