Tiger King: Personal Injury Lesson


Tiger King: Personal Injury Lesson.

Your public statements will be used against you.

In our latest video, Tiger King: Personal Injury Lesson, we highlight an important lesson in any potential Personal Injury claim. Avoid making any public posts or statements about your injuries, recovery or really any aspect of your case. These statements, especially over social media, can easily be discovered by insurance companies, defense attorneys, private investigators and jurors. Without the benefit of perspective, these statements can be twisted and turned against your best interests.

The best approach is to not speak or post publicly about your injuries or case.

The less information is floating out in the public sphere, the more control you and your attorneys have about your case. In any successful Personal Injury case, it’s important to share information to convey your story, but this should only be done in a controlled manner and under your attorney’s supervision. 

It’s common practice for defense attorneys and insurance companies to due a cursory search online with your name, email address, home address, telephone number, or any other identifiable information they have available to them. This will very likely lead them to your social media profile(s). You may be forced to disclose your private posts if your case is filed with the court, where formal discovery proceedings are allowed. 

What Personal Injury lessons can be learned from Tiger King?

In the Netflix documentary, Tiger King, a devout animal trainer, “Saff,” suffered a traumatic injury in which she partially lost one of her arms. We use this injury, and Saff’s subsequent statements, as a hypothetical example of how a potential Personal Injury case could be damaged by those statements. 

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