What Is My Santa Monica Personal Injury Case Worth

What Is My Santa Monica Personal Injury Case Worth?

What Is My Santa Monica Personal Injury Case Worth?

Your Personal Injury case value depends on certain factors.

One of the first questions we often get is “what is my Santa Monica Personal Injury case worth?” The amount we look to recover on your behalf depends on a list of factors, including things like the severity of your physical injuries, your emotional distress, the intrusiveness of the treatment required to recover from your injuries, how long it takes for you to recovery, whether you missed time from work, your property damage, and other factors.

How is Personal Injury case value calculated?

Every case is different, but our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers typically consider a few factors for every case that comes through the door, including:

  1. Injuries. This can include concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, soft issue injuries, whiplash, etc. Also considered are any out of pocket costs you’ve already covered for medical bills, ambulance transportation, any specialized medical equipment, future treatment costs, etc.
  2. Economic injuries. This are things like lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and other finite “damages” that can easily be calculated, such as your past and future medical expenses. 
  3. Pain and suffering. When compared to economic injuries, pain and suffering is much hard to put a dollar value on. With that being said, it’s often one of the largest categories of damages we’re able to recover for our clients. Typically, the more severe the injuries, the higher value is attributed to pain and suffering. 
  4. Property damage. The costs of replacing your property (vehicle, home, etc.) or repairing it are figured into your settlement. It’s important to note that property damage settlements are often separate from bodily injury settlements. We do not charge a fee for any money we recover for our clients’ property damage. 

When should I settle my Santa Monica Personal Injury case?

You should never try to settle too early, with few exceptions. Quick settlement offers from the insurance companies for Santa Monica Personal Injury cases, especially when an injured party is not represented by a Santa Monica Personal Injury attorney, are often bait that should be avoided.

Settlement should only be discussed once their is a good grasp of your injuries, your recovery, your medical expenses, and the emotional impact of the accident. 

The Personal Injury process is complex, with many steps that should be followed with proper timing and in the correct order. 

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