What is the Lemon Law process?

The Lemon process is usually straightforward.

The more you know about what to expect in your case, the more confident you can be that your case is being handled well. Our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers will give you an overview of the entire process at the onset of your case.

Below is a very brief overview of the general process of a Lemon Law claim. For more details, please contact the Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers at Sina Rez Law. 

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Initial Intake

Every case begins by connecting you directly with our experienced Lemon Law lawyers, who will walk you through our in-depth intake process. We are able to answer the large majority of questions that come up in every case through our intake process. We can also better understand your needs, and how we may accommodate them both in the short and long term. 

Repair Records Review

Next, our Lemon Law lawyers collect all your available repair records to review. We go through each and every page to note the issues reported, whether the issues were verified, what repair attempts were made, the effectiveness of the repair attempts, and how long the repairs took to perform. 

Collection of Documents

Once we have reviewed your repair records and are confident in your case, we collect other documents from you such as your purchase/lease agreement, current registration, and payment records. We are always happy to walk you through how you can obtain the records we’ll need for your case.   

Repurchase Demand

Next, we’ll write a letter to the manufacturer notifying them that you are represented by our office. We will explain to them your issues, stress the important sections of California’s Lemon Law, and demand they repurchase your vehicle. 

Repurchase Calculation

Assuming your case is approved, we will work with the manufacturer to calculate how much money you’ll be entitled to. This may require you to track down proof of your payments. We can assist you if there’s any difficulty locating these documents.  

Vehicle Inspection & Surrender

Once your check is ready, you will be scheduled for a “surrender,” which is when you return the car to the manufacturer. The surrender process is typically handled by a third-party company (not your manufacturer), and takes place at a local dealership. 

You will sign the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the vehicle and, in most cases, receive your check on the spot. We will receive our fees directly from the manufacturer once your surrender is complete. 

Our reputation.

Reputation matters.  At Sina Rez Law, our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers have established a highly regarded reputation with all the major car manufacturers. Manufacturers consider a Lemon Law attorney’s reputation as part of their analysis of a claim. They know we won’t back down when many other less experienced attorneys will. This increases the chances of your claim being approved. 

Trophy Illustration - Our Reputation - Santa Monica Personal Injury and Lemon Law Lawyers

Get your money.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys successfully convince the manufacturer that your vehicle qualifies under California’s Lemon Law, we will force the manufacturer to repurchase your car. That means you get nearly all of your money back, minus a deduction for the amount of miles your vehicle was trouble-free. 

No charge.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys are successful in forcing the manufacturer to repurchase your car under California’s Lemon Law, the law says the manufacturer must pay our attorney’s fees and costs. This allows us to represent many people who would otherwise not be able to afford a Lemon Law lawyer. 

Speak with an attorney today before your rights expire.

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