What is the Lemon Law timeline?

Your Lemon Law claim will likely take a few months.

Many clients ask, “What is the Lemon Law timeline?” While the legal world never moves at lightning speed, most Lemon Law cases don’t take too long to resolve.

Every Lemon Law case begins by you providing the necessary documents to our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers to review.  We typically only need 1-3 business days to review your records before determining the strength of your case. 

Once our Lemon Law lawyers have discussed your records with you, we usually send our initial letter to the manufacturer, advising them of your situation and our demands, within 1-3 business days. 

The manufacturer often takes 4-8 weeks to review our letter and your records. After their review, they will let us know if they will repurchase your vehicle.

If the manufacturer agrees to a repurchase, it will typically take another 1-3 months to return your vehicle and receive your money. Each manufacturer moves at a different speed and has a different process of closing out your case. 

If the manufacturer will not repurchase your vehicle, we can decide to file a lawsuit to further pursue your case. The timeline of a lawsuit varies greatly depending on the courthouse where the case is filed, the manufacturer’s attorneys, the evidence we have to support our case, and the issues affecting your vehicle. Some lawsuits settle in a matter of months, while others can take well over a year. 

In general, most of our cases take 4-6 months, from start to finish. 

It’s also important to note that the applicable statute of limitations for Lemon Law cases in California is 4 years from the date that the consumer (the owner/lessee of the vehicle), knew or should have known that the vehicle was defective and that the manufacturer was unable to fix the defect. That means if you wait beyond the 4 year window described here, your rights will be waived forever. 

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Our reputation.

Reputation matters.  At Sina Rez Law, our Santa Monica Lemon Law lawyers have established a highly regarded reputation with all the major car manufacturers. Manufacturers consider a Lemon Law attorney’s reputation as part of their analysis of a claim. They know we won’t back down when many other less experienced attorneys will. This increases the chances of your claim being approved. 

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Get your money.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys successfully convince the manufacturer that your vehicle qualifies under California’s Lemon Law, we will force the manufacturer to repurchase your car. That means you get nearly all of your money back, minus a deduction for the amount of miles your vehicle was trouble-free. 

No charge.

If our Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys are successful in forcing the manufacturer to repurchase your car under California’s Lemon Law, the law says the manufacturer must pay our attorney’s fees and costs. This allows us to represent many people who would otherwise not be able to afford a Lemon Law lawyer. 

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