What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take in Los Angeles

What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take in Los Angeles?

What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take in Los Angeles?

How is a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles paid?

The majority of Santa Monica personal injury lawyers base the costs of their services on contingency fees.

Simply put, it’s an agreement that your lawyer will not charge you unless the case is won or there’s a settlement.

Here in California, the contingency fee for a personal injury lawyer successfully winning the case on your behalf is about 33 percent – or one-third of the jury award or settlement.

For example, for a $500,000 settlement or jury award for a slip and fall accident to cover soft tissue injuries, your lawyer would probably receive around $165,000.

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What Are the Advantages of the Contingency Fee Approach?

The chief advantage is that the doors of justice are open to anyone – regardless of their financial situation.

Even though it’s unfortunately expensive to enter the legal landscape, the contingency fees approach levels the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to seek justice and compensation.

Another advantage of contingency fees is that you can be assured that your personal injury lawyer will be truly motivated to win on your behalf in court.

This perfectly aligns with the needs of the client, as the lawyer will be inspired to lead the case to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible. This gets you and the lawyer paid in a timely fashion.

In contrast, an hourly fee agreement can easily lead to delays and unnecessary actions by some lawyers who are more interested in running up billable hours.

What do the Lawyer’s Fees Cover for a Personal Injury Case in Los Angeles?

Keep in mind that the process of just preparing a case for court or settlement negotiation is a tremendous investment. All initial costs and risks are shouldered by your lawyer.

This includes costs for:

  • Court costs, filing fees and processing costs
  • Costs for investigator during the discovery process
  • Fees for expert witness time and testimony
  • Charges for obtaining medical records and copies of police reports
  • Payments for subpoena and summons costs.

Each one of those fees comes directly out of the resources from your personal injury lawyer before the case even begins.

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We’re not the least bit intimidated by large insurance providers. Rather, we relish the matchup, as we’re proud of our reputation for taking on some of the world’s largest corporations – and winning.  

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