Wrongful Death Lawyer.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica wrongful death lawyers at Sina Rez Law recognize the most tragic of all cases are those in which a life is lost. There is no replacing a loved one, but accountability and justice can bring closure and peace to a grieving family.

A wrongful death case or claim is when a person has died at the negligence, or wrong doing, of another. Sometimes the “negligent” or wrong doing party is a person, other times it is a company, and sometimes it is a combination of both. In these cases, the deceased person’s family (generally their immediate family, spouses, children and parents) are allowed to recover compensation for the loss of their loved one. Our lawyers have successfully represented families of those who have quite unfortunately lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. The attorneys at Sina Rez Law understand the sensitive nature of cases like these, and can compassionately fight for you and your family. While there is nothing that can ever be done to replace your loved one, a successful case may bring a sense of closure.

Although every case is different, you need an attorney who has handled wrongful death claims before. Contact us so that we may visit you, or you may visit us, to further discuss your potential case. 

It is incredibly important that you and your family have a connection with your wrongful death lawyer. Your potential case will take time to resolve, and your wrongful death attorney will become intimately involved in your family’s affairs. We hope that we share that connection with you. 


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Speak with a top-rated Santa Monica wrongful death lawyer today to understand your rights before they expire. We offer in-home, evening and weekend meetings in addition to our regular business hours for wrongful death cases to accommodate you in your time of loss. 

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